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  • Matt Ramberg

    Had a great time and learned a lot over the weekend. Even though I had some experience with firearms and lifting, I still took away a wealth of information from these sessions. As Rip always emphasizes: your perception is not always the reality. Having expert coaches watch you–even when you think you’ve got something down–is invaluable. I was completely new to the self-defense portion, particularly the grappling and incorporating a firearm, and thus learned an immense amount in the Sunday session. So, having a mix of experience across the different topics, I think I can safely say that this camp would be great for truly anyone. Not only is every coach knowledgeable in the subjects, but is very hands-on, and can articulate that knowledge in a way for literally anyone to understand and build from. Just as an example, there were some with zero firearms experience in the class, but ended up with nearly fist-sized groupings across multiple targets and distances. That doesn’t happen with poor knowledge, poor explanations, or without very good hands-on and observant coaching. While I’d also love to build on this with another camp that progresses on the existing ideas, I think I would learn just as much taking the exact same course again. The amount of information and things to think on are that broad and deep. On top of that, this type of camp brings together very like-minded people with similar values. So you get a chance to meet some excellent people in addition to the coaching staff. The icing on the cake was getting a chance to see the WFAC Christmas party and the post-camp dinner with some of those that stuck around. Just an all-around great time.

    1. Matt Ramberg

      Sorry for the extra comment, but I wanted to add something: my holster failed during the range session and Nick and John did not skip a beat. Nick had tools ready to try and fix it, and when that didn’t work I was able to borrow another gun and holster (my gun wasn’t compatible). I just wanted to bring this up, because I think it speaks to the level of preparedness that these guys bring to their coaching and this camp.

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